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Downtown Meters in the vicinity of Redwood Street and Calvert Street: Now in Effect 24 Hours

Please note that Baltimore City has changed the hours of operation for parking meters in the area bordered by Lombard Street, Light Street, Baltimore Street, and South Street. These meters will now be in effect 24 hours/7 days a week with the exception of peak restrictions.

Meters are changed in the following areas:

• Lombard Street between Light and Calvert
• Light Street between Redwood and Lombard
• South Street between Redwood and Lombard
• 100 Block of Redwood Street
• Calvert Street between Redwood and Lombard

Study Finds that Red Line Would Bring 10,000 Jobs (1/7)

The proposed Red Line through Baltimore could generate almost 10,000 jobs, according to a University of Baltimore study commissioned by the Dixon administration. According to the study, the line which would run east-west between Woodlawn and Bayview, could also generate over $2 billion in total economic activity. For more on the study, check out an article in the Baltimore Sun here.