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Commuter Options

Commuter Options

There are lots of different ways to travel into and throughout Downtown Baltimore. Here are some links and information to help you find the best way to GetAroundDowntown.

Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
The MTA manages public transit in the greater Baltimore region and has a range of options for commuting in the city.
The Light Rail operates from Hunt Valley through downtown and ends at BWI or Glen Burnie.
Metro Subway runs between Owings Mills and John Hopkins Hospital, with a number of stops in the downtown area.
Local buses serve the city and Baltimore County, while commuter buses are express lines that run from Laurel, Columbia, Bel Air, and Havre de Grace to downtown Baltimore.
The MARC is a commuter rail system with three lines that service West Virginia, Frederick, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Perryville, with stops in between.
For more information, a trip planner, schedules, maps, and fares, visit or call (410) 539-5000.

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Charm City Circulator:
Fast, Friendly, Free way to get around Downtown Baltimore...and easy. Click Here .

Car commuter? Consider Rideshare.
The Baltimore City Rideshare program promotes commuter alternatives that reduce congestion, such as ride matching and priority parking for carpoolers. A key component of the Rideshare program is Commuter Choice Maryland , an incentive program that encourages Marylanders who normally drive to work to switch to transit or vanpools.

You should also check out Commuter Connections, a commuter assistance tool that provides ride matching services in the area. For more information, call (410)396-7665 or email

Ride your bike to work and skip the gym.
Check out BikeBaltimore , the Baltimore City Department of Transportation's bike program for information on biking in Baltimore, news and updates on biking facilities, and to sign up to recieve e-mails on local biking news and events. Click here to download the Baltimore Bike Map, which identifies existing bike facilities and routes commonly used by cyclists along with helpful rules and other commuter tips.

Baltimore Metropolitian Council has a wide range of resources on bicycle commuting, including a ten-step plan for biking to work.

One Less Car , an advocacy group for alternative transportation in Maryland, has resources available for bicyclists, including Maryland Department of Transportation videos about bike safety .

The Parking Authority of Baltimore City is considering offering secure bicycle parking in PABC's Baltimore Street Garage. If you would like to sign up, visit PABC's page and click on "Want Secure Bicycle Parking Downtown?" This initiative stems from Baltimore City's Bicycle Master Plan , which outlines initiatives and plans to improve biking in the city.

Click here to visit the League of American Bicyclists, an active community of cyclists and cycling advocates. They've even got a New and Returning Commuter page with tips and information about bike commuting.

Go to work late. Better yet, don't go at all.
As with much in life, avoiding traffic is about timing. You may not be able to control the timing of stoplights or an untimely accident that slows traffic down. But you can time when you arrive at, and depart from, work. Talk to your employer about working flexible hours and telecommuting so that you miss the peak rush hours or avoid traffic altogether. Or, if you're the boss, look into these two options on behalf of your employees. They'll help you attract and retain the best and brightest workers, and reduce the number of cars on the road.

Want the coolest commute in town?
Hands down, the Canton Kayak Club is it.
Or take a water taxi .

Taxicabs are available from taxi stands at hotels or by flagging them down on the street. You can also call Yellow Transportation (listed below) or any of the other companies that operate in Baltimore. Should you want more information about taxi operations, regulations, or to file a complaint, visit the Public Service Commission website .

Yellow Transportation
2100 Huntingdon Avenue
Baltimore MD, 21211
Taxicabs, buses, limousines, mini-coaches, vans

Click here to view a map of Downtown Baltimore with parking garages and lots indicated.
(This map may take a long time to download if you don't have a broadband connection.)